Getting ready for an adventure – Part 2

Here’s part two of our planning for our vacation this summer to the USA.


July 12th – Time to leave Vegas and head for the great outdoors again. As we can’t take the RV through Death Valley, we’ll skip this scorching heat and head straight for the green forests of Sequoia National Park. The long drive will take us to the south of the park where we’ll be spending the night at Potwisha Campground which is located next to a river. I look forward to dipping my feet in the ice cold mountain water.

General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world!

July 13th – An early morning start northbound along the winding Generals highway of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon national park should take us to see General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world.


I’ll try to walk around General Sherman. I might not yet be able to walk long distances yet, but at least I’ll be able to state that I walked around the biggest tree in the world 🙂


We’ll continue along the Generals highway and we’ll stop regularly to indulge the beauty of the forest before we exit the park towards Fresno. We’ll probably leave Fresno aside as we have a camping reservation near Yosemite National Park.

July 14th – After a good nights sleep just outside Yosemite we’ll head out into the park. Dad is a bit worried about this part as we don’t have a camping site yet. Once the campsites of Yosemite became available for reservation they were sold out faster than Tomorrow Land. So we’ll have to be creative that day… But I am looking forward to seeing El Capitan and the many other beautiful sites the park has to offer. Dad saw a documentary called “The Dawn Wall” – which is the story of Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson who took on the challenge of climbing the virtually impossible Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite. Their perseverance is amazing and is an example for me personally to keep going and to never give up!

 July 16th – After our second day in Yosemite National Park we will spend the night on an RV camping just outside of the park because we have a long drive ahead of us again. We’ll “rise and shine” early morning to head up towards the magnificent Napa Valley. I’m not much of a wine drinker myself obviously but I can relate to the fact that mom and dad will be in desperate need of a good glass of wine by now. Although our stay there is probably way to short, we’ll try to enjoy the sites as much as possible.


July 17th – Today we’ll cross a bridge… not just any bridge… the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco here we come! We have two nights planned in fog city so we’ll have plenty of time to see the sights, taste the food, meet with the locals and absorb the atmosphere.

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July 19th – Where Nappa was for my parents… my brother really wanted to put Santa Cruz on the list for our trip. Apparently the home of Santa Cruz Skateboard, one of the oldest skateboarding companies in the world. However it’s also the home of the Monterey Bay which we’ll follow down to Monterey to visit the Bay Aquarium.

Pfeiffer beach

July 20th – Time to head our way down Highway 1 towards Big Sur. Another “first come, first served” campground so cross your fingers that we’ll be able to find a spot to spend the night in the area. If not, there seem to be plenty of other camping or lodging facilities in the area so I’m sure we’ll find a quit spot to spend the night. We’ll enjoy the sights and sounds of the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and maybe even visit Pfeiffer beach if we can.

July 21st – Morre bay is our next destination. We have a great camping spot virtually on the beach. After all these days of deserts and forests, spending some time at the beach will be a welcome change for me I recon. So we have a couple of days in the area with two nights in El Capitan (not the rock this time – the town :-)) allowing us to visit the city of Santa Barbara and the area.


July 24th – The last full day we’ll spend in Malibu. The most expensive camping spot of our trip but what did you expect… it’s Malibu Beach right? Time to wind down, relax, enjoy a local restaurant before we have to turn in the RV tomorrow and catch our flight back to Paris.


This will be the trip of my life! I’m sure… I look forward to seeing the sights and enjoying every second of it. The program dad has put together is versatile with many different experiences and a lots of great places. He’s done a lot of planning but you can’t plan everything, so the surprises and the unexpected situations will make it extra interesting I’m sure! Let’s hope mom and dad agree with me when they have to deal with them 🙂


But as long as we can do it together, that is the only thing that really matters – family is the most important thing in life and we’ve navigated through a number of difficult situations before so we’ll take it as it comes – together!


Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and stay tuned for updates on my actual trip as I experience it!


Have a great week!


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