First week of school

Last week was both fun and little frightening for me. After our great holiday in Spain I was also happy to be able to go back to school. Due to my leg operation before the summer break it had been quite a while since I saw my classmates and teacher. Seeing my friends and my wonderful teacher again was exciting and with all the great new stuff they installed in our classroom and in the back yard I had loads of fun! Especially the new mirrors are great!

Man in the mirror

But getting back in the normal rhythm of the day, also meant that mom would increase the walking exercises again… and did she ever… Every day I had to walk as much as possible, from the kitchen to the hallway, back to the living room, to my room and so on and so on. Every day a little longer and a little further, one foot in front of the other, bending my knees and keeping a straight back. I know I’ll walk normal one day but it’s just so hard right now.
I’m still afraid to fall and keeping my balance is really difficult you know? But I’m not giving up! I will walk again one day, of that I am sure. Every step I take is answered with clapping, laughter and enthusiasm by my parents and my brother… the fuel I need to keep practicing and to get better at it. Step by step.

Then friday morning, mom and dad woke me up real early and without breakfast or even a drink, they took me to the hospital again to take out some of my salivary glands. Ok, I have to admit that I do tend to drool from time to time. I just love drooling on my toys 😉 That makes them smooth and soft and I like that feeling. But my dad is always upset with me because somehow, drooling on my toys tends to stop them from making sounds and lights… I don’t understand why that is but when that happens, I just get new toys so what’s the problem?

Getting ready for surgury

Anyhow, at 7 in the morning I was placed on a cold shiny table and the doctor put a mask on my face and told me to breath normally. Mom and dad where both next to me and my dad played my favorite song on his phone, before I knew it I was back in the hospital room feeling drowsy and light-headed. The doctor had taken out two of my salivary glands and rerouted some saliva channels to the back of my throat in order to somewhat decrease my drooling. By the late afternoon I was able to go back home and on saturday I already felt a lot better. I am still a bit worried though… does this now mean I’ll get less new toys? I surely hope not 😉

Today I feel great again. I’m up for some mashed potatoes and cod with plenty of sauce – yummie! – and then this afternoon, mom will put on my boots and I’ll show her what I can do!

Thank you for reading my blog this week, I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to telling you more about my adventures next sunday!

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